Bill Hotchkiss

Above:  The Blue Oak Press Founder, Bill Hotchkiss.  Below:  Original Blue Oak Press Titles

Blue Oak Press Literature Series

The Blue Oak Literature Series embraces the breadth of culture, ethnicity and geography of the American West by publishing and promoting works by both new and established writers and poets.


Eileen Curtis                Girl on a Mountain

William Everson          The mate-flight of eagles

James B. Hall              The Art and Craft of the Short Story

Bill Hotchkiss             Dionysian Chants from Woodpecker Ravine

Bill Hotchkiss             Fever in The Earth

Bill Hotchkiss             Jeffers

Bill Hotchkiss             Middle Fork Canyon

Bill Hotchkiss             The Graces of Fire and Other Poems

Bill Hotchkiss             To Christ, Dionysus, Odin

Robinson Jeffers         The women at Point Sur

K’os Naahaabii           Curios of K’os Naahaabii

K’os Naahaabii           Notes from the Center of the Earth

K’os Naahaabii           The Bitter Roots of Peace

A.M. Petersen             Stars in twilight and other poems

Judith Shears               New Leaves

Edith Snow                 Hold Your Hands to the Earth

Edith Snow                 The Water Mill

Edith Snow                 The Good Yield

Edith Snow                 Winter Tree

Randy White              Motherlode / La Veta Madre

Lisa Dominguez
Abraham                       Coyote Logic

Pos Moua                      Karst Mountains Will Bloom: The Collected Poems of Pos Moua