Forthcoming Titles from Blue Oak Press

Coyote Logic
by Lisa Dominguez Abraham

“Much like the mythological avatar responsible for scattering the stars helter-skelter across the sky, Lisa Abraham’s Coyote Logic pulls together seemingly disparate elements of her emotional universe into a mesmerizingly cohesive first book of poetry. Expertly balancing dream and reality, image and statement, these poems pull at the threads of survival woven into everything that makes us who we are. Coyote Logic is less a collection of poems and more a visceral collaboration of history, culture, fairy tale reimagining, and ethnography that track Abraham’s mapping of human existence.” —Indigo Moor, Poet Laureate of Sacramento, CA

“Lisa Dominguez Abraham’s collection of poems, Coyote Logic, moves the reader from familiar place to place without seams. The movement of each line to the next mimics the movement of different people, especially women, especially descendants of brown immigrants – where the conjunction of one idea or location must find its dependent end, but like the stories from women and brown bodies: there are few maps. Abraham’s lines, “We who descend from refugees — / quick moves and no money,” are indicative of the kind of evasions our bodies are forced into, while her lines signal her privilege to look back and work towards creating new pathways to our collective story.” —Rachelle Linda Escamilla, Author of Imaginary Animal

Karst Mountains Will Bloom:
The Collected Poems
of Pos Moua

“In the lush panorama of these poems, Pos Moua intuits the body and the spirit’s deep yearning for home and heaven, for nature and desire, for mountains near and far, for a divine love surpassing this lifetime. At the core is an honest grief acknowledging that all beauty must eventually meet its own exquisite loss. Here is the gorgeous collection of a visionary Hmong poet whose radiant language and natural eloquence has given us the dark and light of his heartscape. For this, we offer admiration in return. We hold these poems close and know to remain hopeful.” —Der Vang, Afterland, 2016 winner of the Walt Whitman Award

“To read Pos Moua’s poems is to be transformed. At their heart is a timeless wisdom and graceful clarity that poets rarely embody, but he does, poem after poem, from mountains to rivers, from Southeast Asia to California, from love to radiation, from this life to the next. With a personal essay by the poet and contributions from the vital and necessary Hmong American Writers’ Circle, this open-hearted book and the first collected poems from a Hmong American poet is a revelation that every person should read. Karst Mountains Will Bloom is a landmark achievement: ascendant, transcendent, visionary. This poet is a treasure and a light.” —Lee Herrick, Fresno Poet Laureate, author of Scars and Flowers (2018)



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